Pausing our Facebook app

A friend of Loladex called this hibernation, since it occurs in a wintertime both actual and metaphoric, but really I hope the right image is a chrysalis.

Either way, here’s the fact: Loladex is suspending operation of its Facebook application for several months while we work on a new approach.

If you’re a Loladex user, I apologize for the inconvenience. As things progress, we’ll keep you informed in two ways:

• Via this blog
• Via a direct message when we re-emerge

If you have comments or questions, please post them below. I’ll respond to everyone.


  1. Best wishes. I look forward to seeing your new approach.

    – – Tim

  2. very smart to live-work-create within cycles; and winter time, figuratively and literally, is a time to go in and deep to emerge fresh and new. best of everything to you.

  3. Looking forward to whatever comes next. Good luck and happy new year.

  4. Thanks, Bob & Jessie. I am grateful for the support we’ve gotten from the community around here — including both of you.

  5. Good luck with the re-think. Let us know if we can assist in any way, by gathering data, etc that could assist.

  6. Thanks, Jeff. One of these days we’ll get that coffee …

  7. Good luck, Larry! I’ll be anxiously keeping an eye on what comes next. :-)

  8. Thanks, Emad — much appreciated.

  9. I was looking for a Facebook app like this that would pertain to my area in Northern CA. Sorry to see it’s not available. I would like to be notified when it becomes available, though. Thanks!

  10. What happened? Legal issues?

    • Hi Rich — No, nothing legal. We didn’t have enough traction and we couldn’t keep trying indefinitely. Still working on ways to return, not found the right one yet.

  11. Ok – good luck. It must have been heartbreaking to go through all that.

    • What does not destroy us, etc. :)