The hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

People have been asking me this question lately.  My honest answer is: Being bone-tired but not yielding to sleep.

Not like I’ve never been tired before: We have four kids, after all.  But this is a new level, a new test of my will.

Every evening, for instance, I put my youngest daughter to bed.  We sit on the floor of her room and I read her stories.  She’s a toddler, so these are picture books: Maisy, Kipper, etc.

Most days, this is the first time I feel a sense of relaxation.  And that’s all it takes.  My guard is down, and I fall asleep sitting there.  My daughter wanders off, and I don’t snap back to life until she starts bugging one of her siblings.

Then comes the hard part: Realizing that the night is young.  After family time, and time with my wife, looms another shift at work.

I guess that’s what Red Bull is for.  Except I don’t drink it.